Travel Styles

Most frequent questions and answers

You’ve read all the works of Paul Theroux. Your travel checklist includes The Louvre, The Hermitage, The Victoria and Albert. You are a lifelong learner with a curious heart and a fascination with how we got here and what makes all humans essentially the same, yet different. When travelling, it’s not surprising to find you sitting at an outdoor cafe watching lives unfold before you. You wonder about the couple sitting two tables away. Does her stern upper lip mean they’ve just begun an argument? 


You rarely order off the menu but rather point to a dish being enjoyed by a fellow patron. You want to live like a local. You’re likely to return home from your trip with one signature piece emblematic of the country – maybe a tagine from Morocco. Maybe a beaded tunic from India. And maybe you find yourself humming the soundtrack of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina as you clear customs enroute home from Buenos Aires. 


People would describe you as highly intuitive and intelligent. While you appreciate your alone time, you are also quite comfortable in the company of others. The Culture Vulture wants to experience it all. It’s not enough to see the world but rather to taste, touch and breath it all in. 

Culture Vultures travel best with Allocentrics and Stamp Collectors.

You are inspired by beauty and look for it in the most unlikely of places. You’ve read Art Wolfe’s “Travels to the Edge – A Photo Odyssey” from cover to cover. If you have to make a choice between a tripod or an extra pair of strappy black sandals, that dress you’ve packed will have to find a way to work with flats. 


When planning a trip, you ensure you build in enough time in each location to ensure multiple shoots under different lighting. You are patient and inquisitive. Things can’t be rushed for you. Like the Culture Vulture, you are intrigued by the human experience. The words “Say Cheese” are only ever uttered in a trattoria – never ever when snapping a portrait. 


Once outside urban dwellings, you are at home with mother nature – whether you prefer mountainscapes or a pride of lions captured on the savannah, you’ll have the perfect lens at the ready to make the shot. And unlike the Travelista or the Escape Artist, getting up at 5 AM to catch a magical sunrise, even if it means missing breakfast, is something you wouldn’t think twice about. You probably consider yourself an introvert, shy, reserved. Willing to hang for hours as the light dips and the crowds disperse. Your main travel goal is to document and capture moments to share. 

The Photog travels best with The Culture Vulture and the Zoologist.

Crouching low in the tall grass of the veld with your binoculars and safari hat watching the sun set behind an acacia tree is your idea of a holiday. You’ve watched every episode of David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth” and while not a photographer by profession, you own a pretty decent zoom. You actually like animals more than people for the most part. And in a party setting, you are most likely to be found hanging back from the crowds, silently observing, just as you would in the wild. 

You are a generous and kind soul willing to join the latest movement waging war against animal cruelty. Like the Eco-Warrior, you aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe to be the right thing. And you are a patient person. Things shouldn’t be rushed. You wish the whole world would just slow down and take a breather every once in a while.  You prefer outdoor activities and will try to avoid chaotic cities as much as possible. 

You would probably fall in love with Lawrence Anthony’s “The Elephant Whisperer.” Anthony is a gifted storyteller and because you are such an empathetic listener, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in tears both in sadness and in laughter. And if you don’t already have the soundtrack to “The Power of One” on your playlist…girl…what are you waiting for?

The Zoologist travels best with the Eco-warrior and the Photog.

“Take only photographs; leave only footprints,” would be a perfect way to describe your travel style. Out of all of your friends, you are the most likely to spend a month building a school in Uganda. Even if you could afford a baller suite at the Ritz Carlton, you wouldn’t waste it on the extravagance because you believe, if you want the comforts of home, stay at home.

You have a huge heart and a giant love of adventure. Money has never been a motivating force in your life. Your happiness comes from your pursuit of making a difference. You make the perfect travelling companion because you are loyal and likeable yet you still have an edgy underside. You are likely to keep a travel journal and document your life moments for posterity. You believe somebody’s got to take a stand and it might as well be you.

One of your favourite travel books of all time is “Love, in the time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquz but you might also enjoy…”Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World: A New Generation’s Handbook to Being Yourself and Living with Purpose” by Alison Lea Sher. You could easily see yourself living the life of an expat permanently abroad, maybe in some garret in Paris or a studio in Chiang Mai, working from your laptop.

The Eco-Warrior travels best with the Zoologist or the Allocentric