Helping Travel Advisors Build 6-Figure Businesses They Love

Helping Travel Advisors Build 6-Figure Businesses They Love



to Attract New Leads to Your Travel Business

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the travel agent academy

Is the Travel Agent Academy for you?

  • Are you a travel advisor who struggles to get enough quality clients? 


  • Do you find yourself lost in a social media abyss where it feels like you aren’t getting noticed?


  • Are you tired of wasting money on marketing that seems to get you nowhere?


  • Do you just want to break through that 6-figure financial ceiling and not sacrifice all your free time in the process?


  • Or, are you currently working inside the travel and tourism industry, but feel stuck? Maybe you are struggling to reach sales targets?
Learn how to become a travel agent

Then Digital Travel Academy is exactly where you need to be.

My name is Diane Molzan. I’ve spent the last  20+ years in the travel industry coaching and mentoring travel advisors, just like you. 

This industry doesn’t have to be so complicated. And despite what many might tell you, you can earn a significant income on your terms, working from home and doing what you love to do — selling travel.

The travel industry is about to take a ginormous pivot. 

Never before have travellers been more in need of your help and expertise to navigate this crazy world than now.

The Travelpreneur Mastercourse will be launching soon.

What you'll get from joining the travel agent academy

  • A blueprint for building a business plan that will lead to profitability
  • Ideas on how to create additional sources of income to supplement your annual revenue projections
  • A framework for building a virtual storefront (website) that converts visitors into leads.
  • Proven cost-effective marketing strategies that actually work to attract quality clients
  • A winning communication strategy that converts strangers into friends and then into loyal clients.
  • The secrets to building a brand strategy that sets you apart from your competition
  • Time-tested sales techniques that increase conversions
  • A winning formula for turning a few happy clients into a thousand raving fans
  • Strategies to overcome mental hangups that could be getting in the way of your success
  • Weekly real-time support inside our private Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to the academy, including any future updates.
  • A downloadable workbook and other resource tools
  • Plus, a 100% money-back guarantee

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