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Diane Molzan, founder of Digital Travel Academy

I know how it feels...

You love being a travel advisor, but your efforts don’t seem to equal the $$$ in your bank account.

You’re willing to do what it takes to build your business, but you feel overwhelmed with where to start.

my name is
diane molzan

and I help travel agents
make money.

It's time for you to have the business you've always wanted.

Without feeling like you are spinning your wheels

Congratulations on choosing the highly rewarding career selling travel. Not many people get to make a living doing what they love. Your decision to embark on this journey already puts you in the top 20% of people who are passionate about what they do for a living.

But loving what you do is oh so much sweeter when your business is financially sound and you have the freedom to work the hours that work for you

It’s all possible when you understand the formula for attracting the right client.

Stop wasting your valuable time...

You'll learn how to...

Create a travel brand

That attracts the right client who wants to work with you and who values your expertise so that you don’t waste time on tire kickers.

Increase conversions

Once clients arrive in your world, learn how to turn a consultation into a booking in 10 easy steps.

Design a website

That converts visitors into clients around the clock and does a lot of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Build a loyalty program

So that satisfied customers not only become repeat clients but also gleefully refer their friends

travel agent living her best life

Sure. There are hundreds of ways that you could figure this out on your own…but if it was so easy, you’d already have done so.

You're not alone.

The truth is, so many travel advisors feel stuck like you. That’s why I’ve created a community of like-minded travel professionals who are serious about growing their businesses and supporting each other.

The friends you’ll make inside the Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse will most likely remain in your professional circle of friends throughout your career.

It’s nice knowing you can reach out at any time to get support and guidance that you need.

I'm on a mission, along with travel agents like you...

To change the way this industry rewards travel agents.

Inside the Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse, I’ll walk you through the steps needed to take to have a wildly profitable travel business you love that doesn’t rob you of your freedom.

Isn’t is time you started making real money so that you can travel whenever you want and do all the things you love to do?

This is for YOU if…

You never have to be stuck trying to figure this all out on your own.

You were not meant to walk this path alone…

I got you. We are in this together.

If you invest 10 weeks of your time with me, I guarantee 10X your current results in just 6 months.

I know it’s big to ask you to carve out an additional hour every day to devote to growing your business, but, what if that’s all it took to dramatically change EVERYTHING.

What if you were just 10 weeks away from having the travel business and life of your dreams?


Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse

10 week program

You’ll go through the exact, step-by-step-process you need to follow to turn your business into a money-making machine without wasting valuable time.

What's Included

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Each lesson is short and gets to the point without wasting your valuable time.

Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

We’ll meet three times a week in a private group session where I’ll coach and answer any questions you have about your business.

Downloadable Checklist & Templates

We’ll meet three times a week in a private group session where I’ll coach and answer any questions you have about your business.

Private Facebook Support Group

You’ll be supported by a community of like-minded travel professionals. And unlike other programs, this group doesn’t close down immediately following graduation. Be ready to form life-long friendships.

Here’s an Insider’s Look at What You’ll Learn:


Module One

Profit Planning

You'll learn:

In the kick-off module, you’ll learn how to set up your financials for a profitable business. You’ll set both your short-term and long-term goals, and you’ll learn how to set up a strategy to ensure those goals are achieved.
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Module Two


You'll learn:

Learn how to effectively create your brand’s personality and position so that you only attract quality clients who are thrilled at the opportunity to work with you. Get this right, and selling becomes effortless.
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Module Three

Website Makeover

You'll learn:

Learn how to turn your website into a virtual storefront and a lead-generating machine. How to write eye-catching sales copy and the essentials of SEO - aka, how to attract leads into your business while you sleep.
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Module Four

Organic Marketing

You'll learn:

Oh, so juicy. You’ll learn how to attract a steady stream of quality clients without breaking the bank. Learn how to win on social media, email marketing, content creation and networking – all without breaking the bank.
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Module Five

Paid Marketing

You'll learn:

How to supercharge your efforts with Facebook and Google ads, speaking gigs and joint ventures, as well as how to build an affiliate marketing arm of passive income to support your business revenue.
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Module Six

Ninja Sales Techniques

You'll learn:

The ultimate playbook of how to close any sale. You’ll learn how to set planning fees. How to overcome any objection. How to increase your revenue selling luxury. And how to do it all in the shortest amount of time.
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Module Seven

Creating Raving Clients

You'll learn:

Once you’ve learned how to attract and book your perfect client, this module teaches you how to keep them and turn them into raving fans who are happy to refer your services to their friends and family.
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PLUS, you’ll also get access to…


Course Checklists

What's Inside

Included is a step-by-step Google doc checklist that you can access from anywhere or download and print if that’s your preference. The checklist ensures that you’re never left wondering what to do next.


Course Templates

What's Inside

You’ll also have access to Google Docs and Google Sheets templates that you can copy and make your own. Much of the hard work has been started for you. All you have to do is copy and continue.

instant access

Course Videos

what's inside

You’ll have access to both an online library and an on-the-go mobile app with 7 modules and over 50+ videos that you can watch on your own timeline when it makes the most sense for you.

Multi-weekly sessions

Live Q&A Calls

what's inside

If you ever get stuck, I’m never far away. There are office hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 PM EDT, where I’ll go live to answer any question that arises on your journey.

Just imagine what it will feel like when…

Sound AMAZING? Let's do this!

what’s included, one more time

Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse

What's Included

Daily Video Training Lessons

Go at your own pace. There is no rush and no pressure to follow anyone else’s schedule but your own.

Downloadable Checklist & Templates

Follow along online or opt to download and print your copy. It’s impossible to get lost if you follow along with the steps.

Live Q&A Calls to Ask Questions

I am here to support you along the way. If you get stuck or even just want feedback with any of the exercises, I’m here to help.

Private Facebook Support Group

Gain access to a private community of travel entrepreneurs who are as serious about growing their business as you are. Get support from your peers.

That’s right. Everything you need to finally get the success you deserve.

What Past Clients Are Saying...

Diane is a business coach that knows how to get optimal results. She's been my mentor for years because her coaching style is like putting gasoline on a fire.
Diane's vast knowledge of the travel industry is impressive, but it's her people skills and way of explaining things that make her a great coach. Her tips for improving productivity and sales are life-changing
Diane offers actionable advice and is incredibly qualified in the travel field, and offers great suggestions on how to take your company to the next level. She knows her stuff!
Diane is such a patient teacher. She knows her stuff and made me feel confident following her steps. She makes everything seem easy. It was such a relief knowing I could trust her to deliver results.

The Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse

10-week program

Invest in the future of your business.

Create the life people dream of having.

It’s all on the other side of this program.


next program dates

Nov 11th ~ Jan 31st

Your future self will thank you for making the investment.

So if you're ready to finally make some money...

and build the business you know you were meant to have, doing the thing you love most..

then it’s time to enroll in the Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse.

Stop wondering if you made the right decision in choosing a career in the travel industry. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

There are no mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have a travel business that is financially successful and allows you to live a lifestyle that is commensurate with your passion, then yes, this is exactly the right program for you.

Don’t worry. There are tutorials throughout the course that show you exactly what to do every step of the way, not to mention the office hours available to take full advantage of my support.

The Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse does not teach you how to become a travel agent however, I can provide recommendations for host agencies that can get you set up quickly.

Yes, as soon as you enroll in the Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse, you’ll get access to a private Facebook community where you can find friendship and support.

Office hours will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5PM EDT but all classes will be recorded and posted inside the private Facebook group. Even if you can’t make it, you can submit your question to be answered.

There is one video lesson a day ranging between 20 to 60 minutes. You can watch at your own pace. Even if you have plans to be away during the course, there is no presure to complete the course within the 10-week timeframe. You’ll have lifetime access.

If you cannot commit to paying the full amount up front, you can take advantage of the 4-month payment plan of $250/month, due at the first of each month.

YES! Absolutely. I am dedicated to getting you the results you are after. All you have to do is show me that you’ve completed the exercises assigned to date.

Let this be the year that changes your life.

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