The 3-Step “No-Fail” Process to Getting Important Shit Done

how to achieve goals

Why do we always overcomplicate things? Didn’t our first-grade teacher advise us to just…  “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” I have read so many books on productivity. Pages and pages of text trying to help me manage my seemingly insurmountable ToDo lists yet it needn’t have been that hard. Getting stuff accomplished really boils down to […]

Value vs. Time – What is the Value of Your Time


The question I often get asked from outsiders looking into the travel profession is undoubtedly… “Can you really make money as a travel agent?” It comes up so often that I feel drawn to address it. Regardless of whether you are working as an independent travel consultant. Or if you are currently working for a […]

Five Recommended Books That Will Improve Your Life in 2021


To be completely frank, narrowing down this list to only my top five has been a lesson in ancient water torture. Okay, maybe I’m slightly heavy-handed with hyperbole in this instance, but my point is, whittling the list to only five was no small task. If nothing else, please know that these books have not […]


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