What I'm doing here Anyway

Hello, my name is Diane and like you, I am a travel junkie – certifiably addicted. I even like the parts of travel that most people loathe – the long flights, the chaos of airports, the banality of airplane food. And I’d pretty much go anywhere.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere Canada beside a field of soybeans and a crop of corn, the edge of the horizon always felt within reach.

I swear, had I grown up in the 16th century, I’d have had a sextant, a monocle and a sidekick named Friday.

By the time I turned 20, I’d packed my bag, bought my one-year open return Asia Pacific air pass and headed east. That year-long sojourn began a life filled with travel – a few iffy border crossings, some questionable cuisines and friendships from every nook of the globe.

I’ve loved every thrilling minute of it – so much so that I made a career out of telling people where to go.

And that’s what’s landing me here – a place where I get to help audaciously adventurous people like me build a business out of their passion for travel.

Oh yeah, and when I’m not travelling, I am at home with my husband, two kids and a labradoodle puppy named Moose.

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