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Hello, my name is Diane, and like you, I am a travel junkie – certifiably addicted.

I even like the parts of travel that most people loathe – the long flights, the chaos of airports, the banality of airplane food. And I’d pretty much go anywhere.

I love travel so much that I made a career out of telling people where to go.

That’s right. I became a travel agent. And then, I signed on to work for two of the biggest travel companies in North America.

And that’s what ultimately landed me here.

I love this industry, but I noticed that travel agents/advisors/consultants – curators…whatever the trendy term the kids are using these days… weren’t making money that was commensurate with their skills.

“Commensurate” – that’s just a fancy word I learned from travel job postings that simple means (= to).

I kept meeting so many extremely talented travel advisors who didn’t know how to properly market their travel businesses. They struggled to find quality leads. Does that sound familiar?

So I left my corporate travel job and founded Digital Travel Academy – a resource for travel advisors to learn step-by-step marketing strategies that actually work. I take the latest marketing trends and show you how to make them work for your travel business.

Oh, and I hate curry and people who use excessive punctuation….unless it is absolutely necessary.

And when I’m not travelling, I’m at home with my two kids, sitting on my back deck cuddling my labradoodle puppy, Moose. 

After spending 3 years travelling the world as a solo woman traveller on a 10 dollar a day budget to building a successful corporate travel career telling people where to go…I now teach travel advisors how to get there.

‘There’ being defined as having a wildly successful travel business they love. 

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