Even though they say that patience is a virtue, it’s not your virtue and you are okay with that because you have many others. You’ve been overheard to say…”So much to do; so little time” And because you struggle to decide which travel destination you should go to next, you just say “F*ck it” I’ll go to them all. 

You are a wee smidgen competitive and if someone is going to be the one to knock over the punch bowl in hysteria over a Cards Against Humanity judgement call… it will be  you. You don’t suffer from FOMO because you refuse to miss out…on anything and you easily get bored. And it’s not that you aren’t afraid of things, you just do things despite those fears. The stamp collector is one who will have many passports in their lifetimes because they will gleefully fill the pages and sneer at the immigration officer when he uses up a whole page for just one stamp. 

Interestingly enough, people often mistake you for an extrovert because you appear very at ease in a posse of people, yet in truth, crowds drain you. You prefer interactions with a handful of people over many. The stamp collector is more likely to have a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants approach to travel. Too much planning crimps your style and if asked where to next, the Stamp Collector is most likely to spin the globe blindfolded and point to find the answer. Recommended reading for you: “The Bucket/F*ckit List: 3,669 Things to Do. Or Not. Whatever.” by Sara Kinninmont. 

The Stamp Collector makes a good match with the Grammer and the Allocentric.

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Curious to know what the other travel styles are?

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I’m Diane Molzan, founder of the Digital Travel Academy

I’m a traveller just like you. My travel style is Allocentric but truthfully, I’m probably a mix of all of the travel styles – depending on the moon, the tides and whatever hormonal shifts are going on with me at the moment.

I started the Digital Travel Academy to show other travellers how they can build a career out of doing what they love most – travelling. I’ll be sharing all my insider tricks and tips. And if I come across a great industry deal, I’ll give you the scoop on that too. 

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