You took a pill in Ibiza and woke up in Berlin. That’s your travel style. Itineraries are for other people. You are a fly by the seat of your pants free spirit who loves to soak up, not only the rays of the sun, but a few shots of Limoncello as well. You have only one setting and it’s “On”. You are the quintessential extrovert, no holds barred, the proverbial life of the party. 


While you’d love to live the lavish 7-star luxury lifestyle, truth is, your finances look a little more like a game of X and Os played out on a bar napkin. But you are always looking for a travel deal and will spend your time searching for weekend getaways for you and your friends. In fact, you probably booked your last vacation entirely through your smartphone. 


You live by the mantra…everything will work itself out in the end so why worry about it. Your perfect travel book, even though it isn’t necessarily just for travellers, is “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. People always say, “Life’s too short,” but you also have to play the long game. The Bella of Coachella will be the last one standing despite your living on the edge choices.


The Bella of Coachella travels well with the Travelista and the Market Maven.

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Curious to know what the other travel styles are?

Hi there, 

I’m Diane Molzan, founder of the Digital Travel Academy

I’m a traveller just like you. My travel style is Allocentric but truthfully, I’m probably a mix of all of the travel styles – depending on the moon, the tides and whatever hormonal shifts are going on with me at the moment.

I started the Digital Travel Academy to show other travellers how they can build a career out of doing what they love most – travelling. I’ll be sharing all my insider tricks and tips. And if I come across a great industry deal, I’ll give you the scoop on that too. 

So be sure to stay subscribed. 

In the meantime, I am building a course that offers a step-by-step guide that will show you how to start your own travel business and make good money at it. More details on that to follow but for now, let’s keep in touch. 

You can drop me a line any time at I love connecting with fellow travellers.

Until next time, safe travels!


Inle Lake fast boat

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