A bowl of Bibimbap, a slice of flamiche – a copa of ceviche and a flask of cachaca would all be part of your gastronomic journey into lands beyond your backyard.  In your carryon, you’ll have a copy of Jeffrey Steingarten’s “The Man Who Ate Everything” tucked neatly in the side pocket. And packed away in your suitcase is a travel-sized bottle of sriracha…just in case. 


People call you gregarious. You often speak with your hands like an executive chef at a Michelin three-starred restaurant. Foodies aren’t always extroverts but the majority of them are. Your taste buds are partners in choosing your destination. Just as you are adventurous with your palate, you are equally so with your choice of holiday. Anything goes! Hence, you make a great travel companion. 


You are as likely to pull up a chair at a roadside food stall as you are to book a table at Epicure, along the Rue Du Faubourg in Paris. The way you appreciate exotic tastes is akin to your feelings on travel and life. It’s meant to be lived, explored and enjoyed to its fullest.


The Foodie would do great travelling with a Culture Vulture or the Photog

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Curious to know what the other travel styles are?

Hi there, 

I’m Diane Molzan, founder of the Digital Travel Academy

I’m a traveller just like you. My travel style is Allocentric but truthfully, I’m probably a mix of all of the travel styles – depending on the moon, the tides and whatever hormonal shifts are going on with me at the moment.

I started the Digital Travel Academy to show other travellers how they can build a career out of doing what they love most – travelling. I’ll be sharing all my insider tricks and tips. And if I come across a great industry deal, I’ll give you the scoop on that too. 

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In the meantime, I am building a course that offers a step-by-step guide that will show you how to start your own travel business and make good money at it. More details on that to follow but for now, let’s keep in touch. 

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Until next time, safe travels!


Inle Lake fast boat

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