How to Win Travel Clients with These 7 Guaranteed Sales Strategies

selling tips for a travel agent

I struggled to decide if I was going to tackle the topic of sales today or not. Why? Because in the world of content marketing, rule number one is to give your audience what they want. And… most travel advisors believe themselves to be great sellers. It’s the one constant in my consultation calls. Agents […]

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs When Selling Luxury Travel


I was out with a girlfriend for drinks the other night. She also works in the travel industry. We often go out and shoot the shit about our family lives, our hopes, our dreams, lament the fact we can’t shed the last 10 pounds, even though neither of us has had a slice of bread […]

Stand by Your Value as a Travel Advisor by Charging Fees


If you ask many travel advisors how they feel about charging booking fees, many will liken it to speaking publicly in the nude or perhaps asking a new acquaintance how much money they make. “Oh, I could never do that,” they say, completely appalled. “My clients would never pay a booking fee.”  “That’s just not […]

“No” is Only for Bad Dates

A few weeks ago, I had a rant about why it’s important to say “no” vs “yes” in a majority of situations. If you missed it, you can read it here. That article was more about staying focused as opposed to following Alice down a rabbit hole. That’s not what I’m talking about today. Nope. […]


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