Building a Better Mousetrap in the Travel Industry


and Swimming Away From the Noise Blue Ocean Strategy – have you heard of it? No, it’s not some eco-project with aspirations to save the dolphin and the turtle population – although that’s not a bad thing. If you’ve ever taken a marketing course, you’ll remember that day one usually starts with the prof talking […]

How to Attract the Perfect Client to Your Travel Business


The fifth “C” in the five-part series of the 5 “C’s of brand marketing is “Client Acquisition.” And really when it comes down to it, one would think it should be the most important, yet it is in the fifth position behind Content, Consistency, Clarity and Connection. Why is that? Because if you get the […]

5 Ways to Create Loyal Connections With Your Client


The fourth “C” to the five pillar pentalogy of brand marketing is creating a connection. I am sure you’ve heard it said before that people buy from who they know, like and trust. And how does one achieve that holy trinity but through establishing a connection. At the end of 2019, there were close to […]

Consistency is Queen

Consistency is Queen

There are five C’s to brand marketing. I’ve talked about Creating Killer Content in a previous post that you should read if you haven’t yet. Having engaging content is the most critical pillar in brand marketing. Without it, nothing else matters. But if creating killer content is the King to brand marketing, “Consistency” is the […]

5 Must-Have Photo Editing Apps

You’ve often heard the adage…”A photo is worth a thousand words” Eeesh, if that were only true, I could insert one of those bad boys right here and call it a day on this post eh? But seriously, it’s a common saying because it’s actually true. When it comes to selling travel, something that is […]


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