5 Tips How to Cleverly Outsmart Google’s Spam Filter


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Does an email that goes directly into a spam filter have any useful info to share?  These are the types of philosophical questions that have been plaguing the sages for millennia. Okay, at least since […]

How to Write a Good Blog Versus a Good Email


Content, content, content. The bane of any travel agent’s existence. Well, that and maybe last-minute airline cancellations. By now, you know that not only do you need to be on social media consistently creating catchy captions, but you’ve also been told you have to write blog content for your website. And if that’s not enough…ugh, […]

A Countdown to the Top Ten Email Providers for 2021


I can only imagine how much you’ve been looking forward to this article being published. Safe to say, you’ve got chair marks running across the back of your ass from sitting on the edge of your seat all week. So sorry to do that to you. But wait no longer. This is Part II of […]

What you Need to Know Before Choosing an Email Service Provider


I’m sitting here with my triple espresso trying to figure out just how am I going to make this mind-numbingly boring topic, fingernail bitingly consumable. What can I say…I like a good challenge. In an attempt to give me a standing chance in succeeding in this endeavour, I’ve decided to make this topic a two-parter.  […]

How to Attract the Perfect Client to Your Travel Business


The fifth “C” in the five-part series of the 5 “C’s of brand marketing is “Client Acquisition.” And really when it comes down to it, one would think it should be the most important, yet it is in the fifth position behind Content, Consistency, Clarity and Connection. Why is that? Because if you get the […]


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