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Learn how to get more quality leads to your travel business in just 5 days. Without spending money on Facebook and Instagram Ads

I don’t have to tell you...
the travel industry is super competitive.

Not only are you competing for leads with your fellow travel advisors, but you are up against travel suppliers who are marketing to and taking direct bookings from your clients as well.

And then, if you are lucky enough to get some leads, they can often be duds.

You know the type… they’ll “pick your brain” for recommendations and the next thing you know…you see them posting photos frolicking in the ocean in front of the hotel you suggested.

But they didn’t book through you.

Or they are the price-centric client, always looking for a discount…
Wanting you to price-match everything they see online.

It can be sooooooo frustrating.

You end up doing so much work for free. You feel busy all the time, yet at the end of the day, you look at your bank account…and wonder

“Am I even in the right profession?”

I want to help you...

After almost 25 years of working in sales and marketing for two of the biggest brands in travel, working closely with travel advisors just like you, I know what your struggles are.

I have learned that there are some common mistakes that many travel agents make that cost them time and energy.

Maybe you are making some of these mistakes yourself?

And wouldn’t it be nice to finally learn how to be heard above all the noise?

It all starts with…

travel industry coach

The 5-Day Get-More-Leads Bootcamp Challenge

In just 5 days...

I’ll teach you how to create and promote a high-converting lead generator that will ensure you start getting a steady flow of quality leads, every single day

…even while you sleep.

Here’s how the Bootcamp works:

Sign-up using the GREEN Access Buttons and you’ll receive immediate access to the 5-Day video series that takes you step-by-step through the process.  Over the holidays, watch whenever it makes the most sense with your schedule.

And THEN…if you like what you saw, come join me on January 16th for the Travel Agent Mastercourse where I will teach you everything you need to make 2023 your most profitable year in your travel business to date.


  • What’s a lead magnet
  • How to choose a lead magnet specific to your travel niche that attracts the right client.


  • How to create a lead magnet using the free version of Canva
  • How to use my free template or if you prefer, how to design your own.
  • Then, how and where to store it for easy access for future clients
  • My social media content calendar is an example of one of my lead magnets. Grab access to it here.


  • How to set up an email service provider (Using the free version of Mailerlite) or you can follow along using another provider if that’s your preference
  • How to set up email sequences so that you can start building trust, and likability so that you can nurture a raving fan base.


  • How to build a high-converting landing page
  • And a “Thank You” page
  • And then connect everything together to create a lead-generating machine that hums along behind the scenes.


Once you have everything ready to go, the final step…

  • You’ll learn all the ways to promote your lead-generating machine so that you be sure it gets in front of your ideal quality client.

Inside the Bootcamp
You'll learn...

  • How to build your client base with quality clients
  • What a high-converting lead magnet is
  • Why you need one
  • How to build one (using a free lead magnet template)
  • Easy, step-by-step, email tech setup to start growing a profitable email list
  • What an email sequence is and…
  • How to set your first one up.
  • How to build a landing page and thank you page, even if you don’t have a website
  • How to promote your lead magnet once you have one.

At the end of the 5 days, you'll think...

I can’t believe how easy that was!”

diane molzan travel business coach


  • Access to a lead magnet Canva template that you can copy and make your own.
  • Tons of lead magnet ideas specific to our travel niche
  • 5-Daily Facebook “office hours” where you can ask me anything.
  • Daily challenges with prizes
  • A community of like-minded travel experts who are in this together

Best of all:

  • No need for a website but if you have one…great.
  • No need for a Canva pro account. The free version is just fine.
  • No design talent required – a template is provided
  • No prior tech skills necessary – It’s super simple to follow
  • No need for a costly email marketing system. The free version of Mailerlite works perfectly.

All this...for only $37

But for a limited time, complimentary to VIP guests.

And if you are wondering, how does this solve my problem of getting quality clients?

It all boils down to two things:

  1. Choosing the right lead generator
  2. Putting it in front of the right people.

And that’s where I step in…

The 5-Day “Get-More-Leads” Bootcamp challenge will get you started on the track of building an audience of high-quality clients that won’t waste your time and will even gladly pay booking fees for the opportunity to work with you.

You might be wondering…why only $37…that seems pretty affordable.

It is.

I know how tough the past 2 years have been in the travel industry.

But, I want you to get a taste of my teaching style and have confidence that I can help you transform your travel business.

Are you committed to taking your travel business to the next level? Finally, start making the income you know you are meant to make.

Doing what you love…selling travel.

if you like what you learn inside the Bootcamp, you’ll be invited to join my signature Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse starting on January 16th. After all, having a high-converting lead magnet is just the first step.

But whether you take the Travel Agent Marketing Mastercourse or not, the Bootcamp Challenge can stand on its own.

After only one booking, you could receive almost 100x the return on your initial investment.

How can you lose?

It’s time you stopped feeling like a stressed-out hamster spinning your wheels working way too hard and not getting the results you deserve.

Start attracting a steady stream of quality clients today.

Without having to spend a fortune on ads or countless hours on social media.

Your 5-Day Bootcamp Access Starts

Now thru Jan 13

  • Complimentary access is open until January 13, 2023 
  • Go at your own pace
  • Instant replays



Imagine, it’s like putting $37 in an ATM machine and getting $3700 back! Now that’s a worthwhile investment.

Before you sure to get your free social media content calendar download.

Remember...Your free access to the Bootcamp starts now. Happy Holidays!

Thank You!

I’m looking forward to staying connected with you. Please keep an eye out for periodic updates and special offers.

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