How to Win Travel Clients with These 7 Guaranteed Sales Strategies

selling tips for a travel agent

I struggled to decide if I was going to tackle the topic of sales today or not. Why? Because in the world of content marketing, rule number one is to give your audience what they want. And… most travel advisors believe themselves to be great sellers. It’s the one constant in my consultation calls. Agents […]

How to Handle a Travel Client’s Common Questions

travel agent etiquette

I talk to travel advisors every day. It’s important for me to keep my ear to the ground and understand their pain points so that I can deliver valuable content. Whether it’s through the agents I meet in industry Facebook groups or from the advisors who have become my clients, I get a lot of […]

How to Price Your Next Travel Quote Using these 17 Strategies


Anyone raised in the infomercial era known as the 80s and 90s…can appreciate the call to action….” But wait, there’s more. Not only do you get this lovely set of Ginsu knives for only $19.99, but today, for a limited time only, if you call within the next 30 minutes, we are going to be […]

What’s Blocking the Growth of Your Travel Business


And no, 🦠😷🚫🤒🦠 is not what I am referring to here. Even given the current landscape, the general unease paired with the uncertainty about the future of travel, the feedback I’m hearing from the travel advisors I speak with weekly is that there is demand. Most agents say that they are busy. That’s not to […]

“We Found a Better Price on the Internet; Can You Match It?”


Anyone who has been a travel agent for any amount of time….say they started a hot minute ago, will have heard the following phrase at some point in their career. “We were researching the trip online last night, and we found this exact holiday for $XXXX cheaper.” Let’s set the stage. Your clients, Mildred and […]

The Secret Weapon You Need to Know For Your Travel Business


Human beings have always been cautious social animals. “To boldly go where no man has gone before,” might be a catchy tagline for the Starship Enterprise, but for normal folk…not so much. Most of us are scaredy-chickens. Being the first to try something often offers no appeal at all. Case in point…I don’t care how […]

The Secret Strategy for Getting What You Want; Ask


“I was wondering if I might be able to get a Venti for the price of a Grande?” I asked. “Ummmm, no.” was the attitude-ladened response that came back from the judgy-sounding Starbucks barista. Awkward, yes. But I made it through the exercise – unscathed. Only nine more times to go.  This was a challenge […]

How to Master the Art of Persuasion in the Travel Industry


Wouldn’t it be great if it could be as simple as folding your arms, squinting your face and stamping your feet to get what you want? I think they call that precocious. But we barely make it past first grade when we realize that tactic just will not fly. No, persuasion is an art form. […]

How to Use Words More Powerfully When Selling Travel


As Kevin Spacey’s character says to the young female reporter in Season 1, Episode 1 of House of Cards… “Words matter very much, Ms. Barnes.” Don’t they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? I’ve always felt that cliche made words seem irrelevant or invaluable.  I mean…after all, if you need 1000 words […]


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