Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs When Selling Luxury Travel


I was out with a girlfriend for drinks the other night. She also works in the travel industry. We often go out and shoot the shit about our family lives, our hopes, our dreams, lament the fact we can’t shed the last 10 pounds, even though neither of us has had a slice of bread […]

How to Beat Procrastination – The Definitive Guide


I can almost hear my editor sighing as she begins work on fixing up this week’s nasty typos and grammatical gaffes. Yes, I have a trusty proofreader who, as long as I keep her supplied with Cab Sauv and free tech support, she agrees to give all my blog posts a once over before I […]

Stand by Your Value as a Travel Advisor by Charging Fees


If you ask many travel advisors how they feel about charging booking fees, many will liken it to speaking publicly in the nude or perhaps asking a new acquaintance how much money they make. “Oh, I could never do that,” they say, completely appalled. “My clients would never pay a booking fee.”  “That’s just not […]

Virtual Networking

Networking Made Easy

Does anybody really like to network? Honestly? Maybe there are some extroverts in the world who embrace awkward first meetings and thrive in group environments. But I’m going to bet that even if you consider yourself an extrovert, networking still comes with its challenges. Traffic. Parking. Finding the appropriate place to pin the “Hello my […]

Maybe Not Your Fault But Definitely Your Responsibility

Travel Marketing

No matter who you are, nobody ever wants to be at the end of a pointed finger in the middle of the Blame Game. Just think about it. It goes way back to when we were kids.  “I didn’t do it. Billy did.” It was almost instinctive. As soon as the teacher went looking for […]

Yes vs. No – The Debate Unravelled

Fomo, it’s a thing right? I know it is because I have suffered from it my entire life. So much so that it’s crippled me at times to the point that I just need to get shit done but instead, I’m saying yes to things that completely drain me of my focus. Maybe this sounds […]

The Myth of Perfection

Is it better to be perfect and a little bit late or on time but slightly flawed? This is an actual question I ask in just about every interview I’ve hosted in the past few years. I’ve probably asked it more than a couple hundred times and in all of those times, only twice has […]

Why You are a Better Writer Than You Think

become a better writer

If you’ve ever thought…”But I’m not a good writer. How can I post great content when I’m not good at stringing words together. What do I do?” For 5678. Very few people think they are good writers. I didn’t think I was a good writer until a whole bunch of people told me that I […]