How to Become a Super-Connector and Why It Matters

Networking inside the travel industry

Networking…an ugly 10 letter word. Or at least most people think so.  “Can’t wait to head out to my next networking event!” said no one ever. Yet, networking is one of the most effective forms of organic marketing, any marketing really. So why are we loathe to get out our sharpies and fill in our […]

How to Attract New Clients to Your Travel Business

how to get more leads to your travel agency

You may have heard it said that people buy from who they know, like and trust. It’s the golden rule of sales. Even back in the day when I went door to door selling Thin Mints in my little brown dress and my bright yellow necker, I knew that if I took the time to […]

How to Grow a Travel Business on a Budget

How to grow your travel business on a budget

Basic accounting translates to….Revenue, less expenses = profits.  That’s the equation. Simple enough. And when the sum of your expenses exceeds the sum of your revenue, let’s just say you don’t have to have a fancy ivy league CPA certification to know that ain’t good. The problem is… for most, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey […]

5 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Clients

how to write effective copy on your travel website

First, things first. What the hell is copywriting? This leads us to one of the first mistakes travel advisors make when it comes to writing effective sales copy for their travel websites. Mistake #1 –  Confusing copywriting with content writing and other works of literary art Copywriting is a whole style of writing unto itself. […]

How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Travel Business

the perfect elevator pitch for a travel agent

Ever been caught mid-bite between the grilled shrimp kabobs and the pancetta crisps at a summer BBQ with this Q? “And what do you do for a living?” Sweat begins to bead on your brow as you realize that, “I sell travel” doesn’t sound nearly as bougie as the chiropodist standing to your left who […]


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