Is Money Really a Dirty 5-Letter Word?


It was 5:30 in the morning…standing beside the baggage claim area at Gatwick airport in London. My colleague and I had just gotten off a 7-hour red-eye originating in Toronto. I’ve never managed to master the art of sleeping at a 90-degree angle. And this colleague was a friend but more of a work-friend rather […]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Starting Your Travel Business


I thought I’d share some of my biggest mistakes so far in launching my travel business. Why? Nobody wants to play the role of the fool, right? But I also think mistakes are part of the success process. And after all…sharing is caring, right? Mind you, like Arianna Huffington, I don’t believe in the concept […]

Seven of the Best Entrepreneurial Podcasts to Download in 2021


It’s that time of year where not only are we wrapping up gifts for under the tree, but we are also looking at wrapping up 2020. Can I get a “hell ya” on that one! Maybe you were one of the lucky few that made it through this crazy year without skinning your knees. I […]

Five Recommended Books That Will Improve Your Life in 2021


To be completely frank, narrowing down this list to only my top five has been a lesson in ancient water torture. Okay, maybe I’m slightly heavy-handed with hyperbole in this instance, but my point is, whittling the list to only five was no small task. If nothing else, please know that these books have not […]

A Countdown to the Top Ten Email Providers for 2021


I can only imagine how much you’ve been looking forward to this article being published. Safe to say, you’ve got chair marks running across the back of your ass from sitting on the edge of your seat all week. So sorry to do that to you. But wait no longer. This is Part II of […]

What you Need to Know Before Choosing an Email Service Provider


I’m sitting here with my triple espresso trying to figure out just how am I going to make this mind-numbingly boring topic, fingernail bitingly consumable. What can I say…I like a good challenge. In an attempt to give me a standing chance in succeeding in this endeavour, I’ve decided to make this topic a two-parter.  […]

How to Choose a Domain Name That Doesn’t Suck


So let’s say I’m beginning to convince you. And you’ve started thinkin’…”Huh, it might be nice to start my own business and work for myself. I’m so over being micromanaged by my boss. It’s time for me to step out on my own.” Great! That’s an excellent first step. And your second step? Well, you’ll […]


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